Private Classes


Due to Covid-19, private classes will require masks and social distancing.


Private classes are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening only.

No morning classes are available due to schedule changes forced by the Covid-19 situation.

Private classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings or evenings Monday through Fridays at the $50/ hour rate

Other times are available at the $100/hour rate.

Each private class is crafted to meet the needs of the student, whether it is to address a specific health issue or to learn a specific skill. Classes can be held either outdoor at a park or at the client’s residence. Christopher specializes in using Tai Chi as a tool to transform and heal people, bringing the mind, body and spirit in alignment. Tai Chi has been used to help deal with stress, trauma, chronic pain, and balance issues. It is also has a unique self defense modality, which is geared towards developing a sense of safety and strength in the student rather than memorizing sets of moves. As such, it is a mode of self-defense which is available to all ages and genders.


“I’ve taken class with Chris for many years. He works at your level. I’ve seen him teach people with bad injuries just as well as people with a lifetime of martial arts knowledge.

He’s very kind and this class will transform your life. I know that I would not be in such a good place in my day to day life if it wasn’t for this class. You come thinking you’ll learn some cool meditation techniques but you learn SO much more!

I feel much more confident as a woman walking alone as well. I feel stronger and more stable. I’ve had many times I’ve felt threatened living in NYC and DTLA but now after this class I’m not scared, I feel like I literally have a fighting chance. Which wasn’t even the reason I started going!!! Just an AMAZING side effect. Confidence.

You won’t regret this for a minute. Come with a beginners mind no matter your level and you’ll learn so much.”

Stasha W. Yelp review



Christopher Nelson has taught at:


USC School of Business – guest teacher, Developing the Imagination in Business

USC School of Health – consultant and head teacher, Using Tai Chi for Chronic Pain Managenent

Disney Animation Studio – consultant, Tai Chi and Taoism

Sony Pictures – teacher, Employee Health classes

Ray Donovan “, The Mark Gordon Company – consultant, Tai Chi