Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan

The Hidden Tradition of the Yang Style of Tai Chi

Yang Luchan developed his style of Tai Chi in the 1840’s. He became famous for his martial art skills, and was even nicknamed “Yang the Invincible”. His fame drew the attention of the Manchu ruling class, and Yang Luchan started teaching the princes and bodyguards of the royal court.

But as an ethnic Han (whereas the Manchu where the descendants of Mongolian invaders) Yang Luchan was reluctant to teach them his full art. So two Tai Chi forms developed; the popular style taught to the Manchu and their followers in the capital, and the Hidden Tradition taught to the Han Chinese.

Most modern forms of Tai Chi taught today are based on the style taught to the Manchu princes, with gentler, rounder movements.

This is the other style.

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