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This website is dedicated to the art of Tai Chi, and the Hidden Tradition of the Yang Family style in particular, hence the name. We offer online classes, open to all levels and ages.

Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan


The Hidden Tradition of the Yang Style of Tai Chi

Yang Luchan developed his style of Tai Chi in the 1840’s. He became famous for his martial art skills, and was even nicknamed “Yang the Invincible”. His fame drew the attention of the Manchu ruling class, and Yang Luchan started teaching the princes and bodyguards of the royal court.

But as an ethnic Han (whereas the Manchu where the descendants of Mongolian invaders) Yang Luchan was reluctant to teach them his full art. So two Tai Chi forms developed; the popular style taught to the Manchu and their followers in the capital, and the Hidden Tradition taught to the Han Chinese.

Most modern forms of Tai Chi taught today are based on the style taught to the Manchu princes, with gentler, rounder movements.

This is the other style.


What is Tai Chi anyway?

Tai Chi is a Chinese internal matial art, with slow and gentle movements.

Why did my doctor tell me to look into it?

Modern medicine has shown that a Tai Chi practice reduces stress, improves balance, and provides general well being.

I’m healthy, why should I care?

Well, Tai Chi is not just good for you if you need gentle exercise. It’s also a meditation, an energy practice, and self-defense training.

Cool, can I learn this in 3 weeks? I’m busy.

Nope. The whole point is to learn to slow down and start paying attention to the subtle aspects of life.  That’s why it’s an internal martial art.

But slow is boring!

Only if you are not paying attention. If you focus on what’s happening, you discover that there is so much that you HAVE to go slow, or you’ll miss out on stuff.

What’s the point anyway?

Well, if you ever wanted to be a Jedi, to explore your own mind, to develop a healthy relationship with your body, to discover your power, to nerd out on cool philosophical concepts, and learn how to swordfight, the point is self evident. If not, maybe Tai Chi is not for you.

I’m an introvert, midly athletic but bored with just working out, in need of something intellectually stimulating and profound. Is Tai Chi for me?

Welcome home.

I’m a successful artist and entrepreneur, and have achieved all I thought I wanted in life. But life feels empty right now…

Well, Taoism, which is the foundational philosophy of Tai Chi, deals with just such problems. Through a Tai Chi practice, you will be introduced to a living Universe, and discover your place in it, and how to live contentedly within its folds.

A Living Universe sounds weird.

It is! Isn’t that cool?!


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