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I’ve taken class with Chris for many years. He works at your level. I’ve seen him teach people with bad injuries just as well as people with a lifetime of martial arts knowledge.
He’s very kind and this class will transform your life. I know that I would not be in such a good place in my day to day life if it wasn’t for this class. You come thinking you’ll learn some cool meditation techniques but you learn SO much more!
I feel much more confident as a woman walking alone as well. I feel stronger and more stable. I’ve had many times I’ve felt threatened living in NYC and DTLA but now after this class I’m not scared, I feel like I literally have a fighting chance. Which wasn’t even the reason I started going!!! Just an AMAZING side effect. Confidence.
You won’t regret this for a minute. Come with a beginners mind no matter your level and you’ll learn so much.”

Stasha W. Yelp review

Classes are at McDuffie (Hidden) Park

Wednesday  6pm-7pm

Saturday      3 pm- 4 pm

All classes are held outdoors, so wear layers in case of change in weather. Classes are canceled in case of rain.

Classes are $10/class. Drop-in welcome.

All levels welcome.

All classes offered are based on the Hidden Tradition of the Yang Family of Tai Chi Chuan, or Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan.   Classes cover the empty hand forms, basic exercises, meditation, applications,  and Push Hands.

The practice is gentle and slow, and appropriate for all ages and physical condition. But the work can be surprisingly challenging, which helps students develop both physically and mentally. The focus is on developing good posture, ease of movement and stress reduction. The Tai Chi forms are based on Taoist ideas, which are discussed in depth. The martial applications are also studied, both as a metaphor for internal psychological processes and actual self-defense techniques.

All classes are taught by Christopher Nelson, who has been studying Tai Chi for over 30 years and teaching for fifteen. He has also studied Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and Judo, bringing a well rounded knowledge to the classes.

“Chris is a thoughtful, knowledgeable teacher. He brings the information down to the level that each of us needed to comprehend the moves and the theory behind the moves. I learned so much from him.
The Silverlake group meets in a park setting… which is wonderful. Every morning we breath in Nature’s best essence as we move to timeless rhythms.”

Michele C. Yelp review

“Wow! First day and I can already tell a difference. It’s like Chris flipped the on switch in my mind and body. Focusing has been easier today and the gentle stretching and movement have relieved some joint pain I was experiencing. The other students are friendly and welcoming and the tea at the beginning and end is lovely. So happy to have found this class!”

Sheryl C. Yelp review

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