George Lucas’ STAR WARS movies were obviously influenced by basic Taoist ideas. Luke’s training by Yoda reveals what used to be the ideas behind the Force: an omnipresent force underlying the existence of all living things, connecting all living things in a vast network. That network is accessible to certain people who train in the proper way. And you get a light saber.
Then the nerd-rage sets in when Lucas wrecks the whole thing and makes it just some blood-related phenomenon, creating an elitist class of super-people whose abilities ( and therefore wisdom!) is inaccessible to the masses. The whole point of Taoism ( and the previous definition of the Force) is that it is accessible to ALL, and all it requires is the dedication and the training.
Tai Chi training is the closest thing to Jedi training you can get on Earth without the help of a diminutive alien with bad grammar. You learn to calm the mind and to connect with the Tao, but you also train your body and learn an ancient and mysterious martial art. And people will definetely call it an obsolete religion, but it’s illegal to Force-strangle them. But you can rest in the knowledge of the value of studying a body of knowledge that has inspired 3000 years of philosophers and martial artists simultaneously.
And you get a sword
How cool is that?!